Bespoke Passwords

Fine artisanal passwords hand-crafted to your specifications.

Est. 2013


Only $28.00

Passwords created specifically for your needs.

We provide one-of-a-kind passwords meticulously hand-crafted to your specifications by expert password scribes in the beautiful green mountains of Vermont. Our state is known for its high quality goods made with love and care by hardworking, honest folk. Let us create passwords for you that reflect that tradition.

Order your hand-crafted password now.

Passwords have a 32-character maximum length.

We take pride in our craftsmanship.

Every password we create involves care and consideration, and every character is chosen specifically for your needs. Each password is handwritten on fine acid-free archival quality card stock, enclosed in an opaque wrapper, and mailed to you in a security envelope.

We strive to achieve a high level of computational complexity in our passwords, but we make no claim as to their security. If your Bespoke Password is cracked and your personal data compromised, we are sorry, but not liable.

We're serious about our product.

The passwords we create may seem no different from any particularly complex password. Rest assured that this is not the case. Once you receive your password, try typing it. Type it again. And again. Type it a dozen times. You may notice the fluid dance of your fingers on the keyboard first, or you may hear the gentle musical patter of your fingertips on the keys. Artisanal passwords have qualities not found in amateur passwords, and your personal Bespoke Password will fit your needs and personality so well it will feel like magic.